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Fanvids: Eleven/Amy/Rory, Doctor Who

Posting some videos about one of my favourite OT3s ever: Eleven/Amy/Rory from Doctor Who!
None of these videos were made by me, of course, because I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’ve found all this lovely stuff on YouTube.
Not all of them are *strictly* OT3 vids, but all of them gave me lots of OT3 fills. Hope it works for you too! <3

Eleven/Amy/Rory | Dropped
By TwilightHayley

Eleven/Amy/Rory - My friend are you with me?
By SarahKnowsBest

Doctor Who- Eleven/Amy/Rory- Amy Pond+HerBoys
By Ella xo

kinda wanna be more than friends (eleven/amy/rory)
By sparkfadingspark

"With You" ~ Doctor/Amy/Rory
By myfavoritedemons

Eleven / Amy / Rory || The Last Day on Earth
By DalekProductions

11/Amy/Rory II Collide
By littlebluebox1

Eleven/Amy/Rory Tribute Safe and Sound (For Inma)
By evehhr2

... And also my favorite Eleven/Amy/Rory video.
Like, it always makes me cry and go "ZOMFG SO SPOT-ON". Always. It's basically Tardis OT3 101 to me.

Doctor Who vid - Open Your Eyes - 11/Amy/Rory
By derry667dingo

If you have some other videos to reccomend, please put them in a comment! <3
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