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Multiamory March Prompts

March is not over yet … so I decided it was a good occasion to share some poly/threesome/moresome prompts I posted on the Eleven Era Kinkmeme and the Walking Dead Kinkmeme.
Who knows? Maybe one day someone will actually feel like filling them …

Warning: some of the prompts are NSFW.


Everyone/Everyone, Texts From The Tardis

Basically, Texts From The Tardis ( in fanfiction form.
To clarify: this means everyone being pretty OOC or at least very drunk or high most of the time, and the having sex with everybody else. With multiple Doctors and companions. And Eleven and the Ponds having an awkward on-again off-again three-way relationship, River being an awesome bitch who keeps ending up in jail (... which is, well, pretty canon actually), Ten and Donna being drunken BBFs (with bonus Ten rambling about just how magnificent Donna's boobs are), Nine being obsessed with chicken nuggets...
Just, lots and lots of crack, really.

Eleven/Amy/Rory, Being Human AU

One of them is a ghost, the other two are a vampire and a werewolf.

Eleven/Amy/Rory, Niels!AU

Eleven, Amy and Rory as Niels, Natalie and Duncan from the webcomic Niels by Humon. Basically, Eleven is a mob boss who seduces both his henchman and his henchman's wife. A happy, loving three-way relationship ensues.
As this is based on Niels of all things, feel free to make it as crack or as dark as you like. NotQuiteSane!Eleven is a must have, obviously.

+ River as Kiddo - a older, quite messed up version of Kiddo.
++ Other Doctors and companions as Niels characters.

Rory/Amy/Eleven, Demisexual Rory

Rory is demisexual and has only ever been sexually attracted to Amy. Until now.
Now, he is slowly starting to discover he has feelings for Eleven, too - and these feelings come with sexy thoughts.
Cue confused, awkward Rory, supportive (and intrigued) Amy, and oblivious (or not so oblivious?) Eleven.

Eleven/Amy/Rory, Alien Matriarchal Society, Femdom

Don't know if this has already been requested, but the idea won't just leave alone so here's my prompt.
The TARDIS somehow lands on a planet ruled by women, where men are the "fairer sex" and being a husband is more like being a servant or a concubine. Also, polyandry is a bit unusual but not illegal - maybe only some eccentric rich women have more than one husband, or maybe it's a symbol of power and social status and the more husbands you have the more powerful and respected you are.
Of course, everybody they meet on this planets thinks Eleven and Rory are Amy's husbands. Amy is delighted, her boys are awkward but turned on (and unsuccessfully trying to hide it).

Bonus points:
+ It doesn't start as an established three-way relationship ...
++ ... But it does end with a threesome
+++ Domme!Amy ordering her boys around

Rory/Male!Amy/Fem!Eleven, insecure!Rory and threesomes

When Fem!Eleven finally does comes back for Male!Amy, Rory is terrified by the idea of his boyfriend ditching him for her. After all, the Doctor is brilliant, fun, adventurous ... and more importantly, a woman, just like Male!Amy's aunt always wanted. And, heck, Rory himself has only ever been interested in women a couple of times and usually prefers guys, but even he has to admit she's hot.
Cue the TARDIS OT3 going on adventures, Rory being insecure and jealous but eventually starting to bond with Fem!Eleven and discovering an uncomfortable attraction in the process, Male!Amy finally making Rory understand just how much he loves him ... and everything ends with a threesome, because threesomes always solve everything.
Basically, your standard Eleven/Amy/Rory plot with a bit more gayness.

Eleven/Amy/Rory (+ Melody/Any?), Raising Melody

So ... I know there are already a couple of prompts like this, but my OT3 raising a kid just seems to have suddenly become a kink for me.
I'd like to see Eleven and the Ponds having an established threeway relationship and raising Melody as two fathers and a mother. Depending on what age you choose to make Melody, they could take her to the 51th century to show her that having an unconventional family is nothing to be ashamed of when 21th century kids tease her about it, tell her all about the historical events they witnessed/influenced/saved from being retconned to help her with her history homework, give her her first driving lesson with the TARDIS' help, threaten her first boyfriend or girlfriend with a Roman dagger and a sonic screwdriver ...

Bonus if:
- Melody still regenerates into River for whatever reason and Daddy!Doctor helps her adapt to her new body
- Awesome Big Sis Jenny (aka the Other Doctor's Daughter) makes an appearence
- Melody's first boyfriend is Jack or John Hart
- Uncle Mickey and Aunt Martha babysitting while fighting Sontarans or something

Eleven/River, Eleven/Amy/Rory, Crack, Possible Incest

Nothing is quite as awkward as finding out your husband may have been involved in your conception.

Doesn't have to actually be incest, I just want to see the crack and the freaking out and everybody's reactions.

Other ships

Amy/Clara/Eleven/River/Rory, Domesticity

They're all in love with each other. Fluff and domesticity happen.

Cuddling and (non-sexual) sleeping together.

Companion Orgy

Bonus: the Doctor watches. And then joins in. And then gets totally topped by everyone.


Carol/Daryl/Rick, Poly

Daryl and Carol are in love and have been together for a while, but Carol knows that Daryl is also in love with Rick - even if he hasn't told her yet and would probably deny everything if she asked. Which is a shame, really, because Rick clearly loves him back.
Luckily for them, Carol is more than willing to share and also to take things into her own hands to make the sharing happen.


- Insecure!Daryl and Carol having to reassure him that yes, she really is okay with this

- Carol dirty-talking to Daryl about everything she'd love to see Rick do to him

- Carol telling Daryl and Rick what to do and getting off on watching them

- Some Carick action and/or the start of a Carick romance

Daryl/Carol/Michonne/Rick, Daryl-centric orgy

... I just need this to happen, okay?

Rick, Carol and Michonne showing Daryl just how much they appreciate him/love him/want him/whatever. In sexy ways.
Established poly relationship, weird drunken one-night stand, screwed up "whoever makes Daryl come harder gets to keep him" kind of romantic competition ... I don't even care. Everything goes - and I mean everything.
Get as creative as you want with the plot (or lack thereof) and the mechanics.

Some (totally optional) suggestions:

- Daryl getting fucked by Rick while Carol sits on his face and Michonne teases and licks his nipples
- Daryl getting DP'd by Rick and strap-on!Michonne while Carol masturbates him
- Daryl riding Rick while Michonne (or Carol) rides him, with Carol (or Michonne) watching and dirty-talking to him
- Daryl sucking off Rick, with the ladies touching his cock and fingering him
- Any of the three spanking Daryl, with Daryl constantly aware that the other two are watching him squirm and cry out and getting off to it

Bonus points for after-sex cuddles.


Carol/Rick/Lori, Three-way marriage proposal

So, I don't read the comics ... but, thanks to the TWD Wiki, I know Comic!Carol apparently proposed a three-way marriage to Rick and Lori.

Tell me how that would go down in the tv-series 'verse.

Aaron/Daryl/Eric, aftercare

Aaron and Eric both dom Daryl at the same time, then they give him aftercare.

Would prefer the focus to be on the actual aftercare, but the smut part is also appreciated if you want to dedicate more space to it.

Glenn/Daryl/Maggie, comfort!sex, not your fault

Right after Beth's death, Daryl feels horribly guilty and he also just kind of assumes Maggie blames him for everything - and he thinks she's right.
Thing is, while Maggie is hurt and grieving and distraught, she never thinks it's his fault. She knows that, if he could, Daryl would have protected Beth at the cost of his own life.

Comfort!sex to make Daryl understand, and also to help Maggie take her mind off the pain at least for a while, ensues. With some help from Glenn - basically beecause I ship Gleggie too hard for my own good and because Daryl/Glenn is such a cute pairing.

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